SEGWOW Original guided Segway tours Los Angeles Beverly Hills Santa Monica Venice Hollywood UCLA Malibu Griffith

SEGWOW Original guided Segway tours Los Angeles Beverly Hills Santa Monica Venice Hollywood UCLA Malibu Griffith

SEGWOW is the original guided Segway tours and Segway services of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Hollywood, and offers many more Segway tours throughout the Los Angeles area. We pioneered Segway touring itself! Since 2003. SEGWOW is the only AAA approved Segway tour operation in Southern California, exclusively, for 14 consecutive years. No other Segway operation even appears once. This prestigious placement in AAA cannot be bought or manipulated, as can easily be done with social media and online reviews. While SEGWOW continues to innovate and go further, others are just now entering the market, trying to copy some of what we do. It's almost 15 years after we began and there are a number of imitators, but no one comes close to our level of experience and expertise. Always look for the original Segway tours of the Los Angeles area to find us. Check our contact page, because we are also the most connected Segway operation, with more ways to reach us directly than anyone. We are perhaps the only Segway operation in the entire nation that does not require any payment in advance. And again perhaps the only one that does not ever charge anything if you need to cancel or reschedule for any reason. If you have not actually had the fun of taking a tour with us, then we are not entitled to a thing.

When selecting a Segway operation, be wary of any who demand a payment in advance, because they will then keep your money if your plan or timing changes--that will never be us. Look closely at the pictures shown on other Segway websites--are they the same few people in just a handful of pictures? We have over 60 pictures featuring about 200 different riders spanning years of touring and that's just a tiny fraction of what we could be showing. Also, beware of websites offering Segway tours at substantially higher rates than SEGWOW, because they could be trying to resell our services without our authorization. Check to see if they are offering many other kinds of tours besides Segway tours and they may just be a reseller, which we do not allow, but it's difficult to enforce. If a Segway tour is being offered at a rate lower than us, be skeptical, because you get what you pay for and they are likely missing something, possibly offering a tour on something other than a Segway--we know of at least one business in the Los Angeles area pretending to offer a Segway tour, when in fact they do not own a single thing from Segway! Nothing is like a Segway and to claim a machine that appears similar looking is the same is very deceptive and just plain wrong. Do not get distracted by the recent copycats in the Los Angeles area, with misleading claims of being famous or in operation for years--another recent operation implies they've been in town for years, but opened just several months ago, and is based out of state.

SEGWOW was created from a passion in showing the best of the Los Angeles area to both locals and visitors, helping to increase the understanding and encouraging the use of eco-friendly electric transportation, providing an important alternative to those who may not be able to otherwise cover the same territory, and to simply enjoy riding a Segway as much as possible! SEGWOW is owner operated, so you will be trained and taken out by its owner and share in the passion, not a hired hand with little or none of the same passion. Big difference--know who will be your trainer and guide. Your trainer and guide at SEGWOW grew up, was educated, and has worked all over the Los Angeles area, and continues to live in Los Angeles and shops, eats, and plays in all the places SEGWOW tours. You will be getting insider knowledge from someone who lives the lifestyle and has been actively enjoying and exploring the Los Angeles area for over 35 years, along with nearly 15 years of Segway training and touring experience. You will not be led by someone new to the area who has attempted to learn about it. Getting to know the Los Angeles area well requires a lifetime and is not something learned quickly. Who will be your trainer and guide? Find out who will be preparing you and leading your Segway tour, because the level of training and guide experience both make a difference in your safety and enjoyment.

SEGWOW has been operating so long, we've had parents do a tour with their kids, who later had kids of their own, and then those children became old enough to come out on a tour and tell us they want to take their kids on a Segway tour with us! Sometimes, all three generations have been out at the same time. Half of our riders are local and we have non-local riders who return for another tour every time they are in the Los Angeles area, even if they live on the other side of the nation or in another part of the world. More often, one tour with us is not enough and our riders return for two, three, four, or more tours over years of time. We've had riders out with us five to 10 times, and more! A Segway tour with SEGWOW has proven to be more often not just a one-time experience. Find out for yourself why people keep returning to us and what you've been missing. Taking a Segway tour with SEGWOW will be one of the most fun things you have ever done, regardless of if you are local or a visitor, a younger rider or an older rider. What are you waiting for? Book it!